Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Not all walks in the park are the same. Not all parks are the same. The one thing that is strange in my park here is that few people passing by the other way say hello, good morning or any other greeting. I told you yesterday what the basketballers were saying, but they weren't talking to me.

When I first starting walking there many years ago, I would say good morning or hello or something. I stopped when I noticed it made others feel uncomfortable. A small proportion responded, but many just walked on by. I started to feel as if I was viewed as a pervert for just saying good morning. Now I wait to see if the passer-by looks my way and says anything. If they do I respond. If not, I just walk on by. I guess that is how "pass on byers" are born.

This is a sad commentary on South Floridians. I don't know why we are so unfriendly,but this phenonmena is undeniable in a variety of settings.

It doesn't happen when I walk in the park in Georgia or California. Total strangers say, "Good Morning, Beautify Day, Have a Good Walk, Great Day to be Outside," etc. Sometimes, one person says all that.

We could take a lesson from their playbook. In fact, I will.I hope you have a great day. Try saying hello to a stranger and see if you can start a social virus of friendly interaction. I will do the same today and report back. Let me know what happens as well.

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