Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Nowhere is perseverance more critical than when it comes to relationships. It is so easy for things to go off track,wear down and implode. I speak here about family/collegial relationships and partnerships.

The strange and intriquing thing is that when it comes to work people have almost a natural tendency to persevere. We manage to overcome boredom,awful bossy bosses,inequities,annoying coworkers and difficult environmental conditions. Our persevering mindset allows us to overcome no matter what.

When it comes to relationships we have evolved into a disposable society.It doesn't feel good so I shall move on, stop talking, divorce, etc. Certainly there are some situations where that is most appropriate. Many times, however, there are more immediate and positive remedies and choices.

Having a relationship with anyone is not so easy for more than a weekend. Often it takes perseverance and patience to sustain a meaningful interaction. I encourage you to see it like that and not be too quick to sever all ties and abandon ship. Try your hardest to stay with the RELATION SHIP and help navigate it to calmer waters. Seek professional help sooner than later.

Bail if you have to, but try your best to find ways to accomodate and accept a less than perfect situation. When it comes to human interaction there is rarely a perfect situation. And according to some, we all pick partners who are least able to fulfill us in our most important need areas. Therein lies a street called compromise and an avenue called accomodation. Persevere when you can. There is something to be said for longevity. That comes from a man married 45+ years. It isn't always easy, but it is usually worth it. Perseverance pays!

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