Thursday, August 20, 2009


After rereading the previous blog on this topic, I wondered if human interaction and face to face contact are necessary and if so why. I know speaking personally that when I have been by myself, 24/7 I have been less than happy. Having others around and interacting with them seems to fill a primary human need. Lonliness is a major cause of depression.

Think about the fact that isolation and solitary confinement are punishments for prisoners. Babies left unattended in orphanages suffer serious damage to their psyches. For most, continuous solitude can cause a decompensation that threatens the minds ability to remain stable. It seems a most natural behavior to seek out others for contact and communication ( except for some in the park in which I walk!).

But here is an interesting twist to the tale. Many find old friends on Face Book,My Space or whatever and then meet up with them in person. These reunions would not likely have happened if not facilitated by the internet. So, sometimes the impersonal leads to personal. That is a very healthy and positive outcome. I hope you enjoy that experience.

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