Friday, August 14, 2009


Thinking about my park experiences last week let me to focus on how different our world is from the one in which I grew up. The 50' thru the 80's were highly personal and people based. Interaction dominated our culture in every way. Person to person contact was essential.

The virtual society that has been created lessens those contacts in almost every way. Richard Corliss, Time Magazine movie reviewer, speaking about Netflix,but quickly generalizing to our world recently said, " ....the lack of human interaction is the big problem with Netflix and its ciber-ilk. Thanks to the internet,we can now do nearly everything--working, shopping,movie-going,social networking,having sex--on one machine at home. We're becoming a society of shut-ins. We deprive ourselves of exercise...And we deny ourselves the random epiphanies of human contact." (8/10/09 p. 63)

As you travel through your weekend observe your social patterns. As you text and twitter away or check your face book postings or email enjoy all the efficient benefits and mourn all the lost human to human contact, so important to nourishing our psyches and our souls.

More on this subject next week.

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