Monday, August 31, 2009


Have you noticed that,oddly enough, oddness has developed a certain popularity of late? Think about many of the TV shows that feature a peculiar main character who solves mysteries, medical or legal problems despite or because of his or her "indiosyncrazies".

Also, note the popularity of shows that focus on people's problems such as addiction, OCD and even hoarding. I am sure "Solving Sexual Dysfunctions" is on the drawing boards as I write--to be sponsored by...what else--Viagra! Even some commercials are getting wierd and hard to understand. Must be some subliminal message I am missing,but when I say what was that about you know they are not selling me.

Then there are the wierd and seemingly wacky, but ever popular web sites. Ben Huh owns 20 odd websites--some very odd-- which Time Magazine describes as "..spellbindingly inane blogs..". One is called I Can Has Cheezburger? where people subnit pictures of cats with captions in "kitty pidgin" or misspelled imaginings of cat's inner monologues. Before you LOL know that he has made a seven figure profit on that one alone. His others all seem to have to do with things that went wrong or were dumb. This includes people posting photos that were spoiled by other people inadvertently walking in on them. The question becomes were the pictures true failures or staged for the site so they could be successful failures? Is it even possible to have a sucessful failure? I think Mr. Huh has proven that to be very possible.

The good thing about this trend is that as the "abnormal" becomes more normalized,commonplace and even useful, we can feel better about ourselves and our personal quirkinesses. Similarly, as failing is promoted and laughed at, we can stop the perfectionistic strivings and chuckle at ourselves in the midst of a failure. In so doing, we are having and enjoying a sucessful failure which is undeniably better than an unsucessful one.

I can't tell you how much better I feel. I hope you do too! Odd, isn't it?

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