Thursday, August 6, 2009


I never approached my blog without an idea in mind. I decided to live dangerously,shoot from the hip and see what happens. OMG it feels so out of control!!!

But I have changed alot in the last two years. It has been a concerted effort to not be robotized by my habits. I have worked to build choices into my life instead of routines. I have come to believe that it is important that we have multiple choices for significant behaviors and "all of the above" is not acceptable.

I encourage you to be a self-observer and see where and when you just fall into habituated behaviors that aren't healthy or self-enhancing. Then I would ask you to challenge yourself to try to do it differently and move toward healthier choices. It won't come easy or natural. If you stay with it it eventually will.

There is much reward to modifying, especially when we replace reflex, knee jerk,jerky behavior with that which is pride worthy. Try it. You might just like it.
I know I do. The payoff is in the altered pudding. Relinquishing control to gain control is a worthwhile effort--most especially when we move ourselves from dangerous to safer space.

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