Monday, July 27, 2009


Back in the late 60's this song inspired us to believe and to persevere against a war we felt needed to end. In the end we won.

The same is true today, although the war issue is a little different. We are engaged in combat, sad to say, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time will tell whether that was necessary or not.

Yet, there is another war going on right within our own borders. This war is about major corporations trying their best to figure out ways to take advantage of us. They are very good at it. They tell half truths and "faidray a kasha" (confuse a story) in ways intended to increase their bottom line at your and my expense. At least once a week I am battling something that doesn't make sense or add up. Realistic optomism needs to face this unfortunate truth and respond accordingly.

My Rx for us all is perseverance. Eventually--not always but often-- justice is served. It takes time and patience. We cannot go hastily to anger as that solves nothing. The people on the phone are not responsible--they are merely cogs in the machinery of bait and switch, evasion and avoidance of truth. To yell at them is to "gey shri gevolt" (go scream at Gd). It hurts your cause rather than helping it.

Slowly, but surely, patiently and rationally, you can overcome the forces-diablolical as they may be-- that try to outwit you. Little by little you can erode from their elaborate defenses and prevail. Much as they try to wear you down, ultimately you can do that to them and overcome, someday down the road.

More on this and related war stories, the rest of this week.

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