Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A few years ago I was thinking about the process of changing and modifying our behavior. I decided to do a simple experiment.

I walk along a winding oval that goes around the perimeter of the park for a tad less than a mile. I always went in the same direction which would be going to the right from the parking lot. Obviously,the same could be accomplished by going to the left. People go in both in directions.

I decided to change and go from the left. Truth be told I could not do it. Changing the direction of my walk changed my perspective so that just about everything looked different to me. I got about a quarter of the way, stopped and turned around and went my usual way--creature of habit that I am!

I was amazed that such a minor behavior change could be so difficult for me. It put in perspective just how difficult changing much more ingrained habits like our diet or drinking alcohol or taking drugs could be. Similarly, changing our thinking habits that contribute to anxiety, depression, etc. can be daunting compared to the direction one walks in the park.

The key to any change or behavioral modification is perseverance. More on this tomorrow.

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