Thursday, July 23, 2009


This morning,7/20/09), I went to give the leader of Stroller Strides a card with my blog on it so she could read the one I wrote about her group. I was a little later than usual and the group had finished. There was one Mom left putting her stroller into the back of her car in the parking lot which was otherwise deserted. She probably had done some extra exercise after class.

I walked in her direction intending to give her the card and asking her to give it to the leader at the next meeting. I suddenly veered away. I thought to myself, it could frighten her that an old sweaty,unshaven stranger would come right up to her. She might fear I was about to attack or steal her child or who knows what. I walked on and she was unaware of my simple,nonthreatening intent.

The experience caused me to reflect upon the fear factor that has entered our world. I would not have hesitated ten years ago. The media has helped raise our anxieties, even though most crime has decreased. I don't think it is only crime. I think it is a result of a post 9/11 world in which our safety has been compromised in many different ways. Several years ago I came to the conclusion that, "It is not paranoid to be paranoid anymore."

I guess I just anticipated this young mother's paranoia and walked on by. Not to mention she was in butt kicking shape and I didn't want her to flatten me before I got to say, "Please give this to your leader!" Us guys have to be careful too--especially when it comes to the stroller striders.

Maybe the moral of this story is we all need to take things more in--you guessed it-- STRIDE!

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