Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Having just completed a mission of more than a year I realize that the title of this blog is undeniably true. My goal was to right an injustice. To accomplish that I spent hours writing letters to state my case and and trying to find someone willing to help my cause. Ultimately I did. Much as I was frustrated along the way I kept myself going with the belief that someday I would see a positive result. I had no assurance of that,but an optimistic,yet realistic anticipation. That is, in fact, the very same view I bring to this blog.

In your battles with the powers that be, I encourage you to adopt that same stance and persevere in whatever way you can. The same advice is being offered to those looking for a job, trying to refinance their mortgage and generally struggling to cope with the economy. The same is offered to anyone facing health problems or any other problems for that matter. Today's world, more than in the past, requires a patient and persistent approach to getting things resolved.

I hope you are as successful as I have recently been. Beyond the resolution there is also much pride in a mission finally accomplished.

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