Thursday, July 2, 2009


I believe and feel you will agree that we are being manipulated by the media. They draw us in by overkill,hype and hysteria too much of the time. Less than 24 hours after MJ died we were subject to constant TMI in a less than respectful way.

This iconic figure,pockmarked as he might have been, deserved more respect and silence about the state of his finances, who would get his children, how many drugs at what doses he might have imbibed and all the rest. At least I waited 6 days before I put my 2cents in. His family deserved just a little more consideration as well. While we are on this subject, the South Flordia surgeon might have reread HIPPA rules. Dead people do have rights--one of them being confidentiality!

I fully understand that those in the public eye are targets for the media. Can't they wait a while before going through every dirty linen in the hamper? Are there no rules, ethics or honor on slow playing a bad hand compassionately? Must we, time and time again, go for the kill, even when the person just died?

It is no different with any sensational headline. I am already prepared for the, "The Hurricane is coming...It is coming directly at Bill Penzer's house and will destroy everything as the waters go over the levees....(even though there are no levees near my house)and you must take cover right now as this is a MONSTER storm of grave proportion...that at the last minute by-passed Florida and is heading right for New Orleans or New Jersey and will inflict untold damage in the 10's of millions...although it just went out to sea and petered out and.... There is another storm just identified that is on the coast of Africa and slated to be here in about a week as a category 5. We interupt this program to bring you a Hurricane Alert................Give me a break!

The antidote is the same as to bring the price of popcorn down in your local movie theater. Don't buy into it. Don't watch and they won't tell. Don't buy and they won't overcharge any more. The more we stand up in silent protest, the more they will hear us and respond. I guarantee it.

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