Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thursday night I watched the MJ obits shows and was reminded of Elvis' premature farewell many years ago. Kings works so hard to get to the top and then some can so easily fall off the mountain with lightening speed. Perhaps most mortals were never meant to be kings.

Michael J was a creative man whose behavior charts like a zig-zagging stock market ticker. His stock soared and sank back and forth, up and down. After the last trial he seemed to almost disappear from view.

So did his racial heritage. He went from an adorable black child to a handsome black young adult and adult to a ghostly looking almost white, but not quite Thriller,Chiller alien. Whatever were you thinking, Michael?

We never got to know you beyond your musical genius, but the real question is did you know yourself? Did, "The Man in The Mirror," ever look into one, literally or figuratively? Behind your gentle,soft spoken child-like voice lay a most complicated human being who did, who knows what, repeatedly. What did the masks really say about you? Neverland aptly describes your journey--never quite making sense and never quite landing tall.

So what can we learn from you? Perhaps that losing one's childhood early forces one to keep trying to hold onto it,especially under abusive conditions. Perhaps that as we see time and time again, success and wealth can breed hubris, which in turn, breeds humiliation and destruction of one's core. Finally, that sometimes there is a certain insatiability to creative genius which ultimately destroys those very achievements and turns mammoth pride bank deposits into chronic shame and blame entries.

Clearly MJ, your music will live on as will your iconic legend. So will the cloudy haze of an unevolved life, comingled with an inner discontent, lack of self-acceptance and who knows what else. It is Elvis all over again, sad to say. You even married a Presley for a short while as if to tie your yolk to his.

May you rest in the peace you never seemed to find in your life, even on your own personal ferris wheel or even in your own bed.

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