Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Recently, I said we need to look away from the cultural smog. What I failed to say is that sometimes we can learn from it. Two brillant men,on the A list for Presidential material in 2012, shot themselves in the you know where.

To get to be a Governor one must be strategic, intelligent, hard working and savvy in a street/politico way. They have to have high IQ's and EQ's(emotional IQ's). Yet, in these instances, Spitzer and Sanford, were DUMB and DUMBER ( not even sure which is which-perhaps they were dumber and dumber!). This is why my former professor, Mortimer Feinberg, Ph.D. ( who had such a positive influence on my life) wrote a book many years ago entitled, "Why Smart People Do Dumb Things." Maybe it is "Stupid Things" --I can't recall right now, but it doesn't really matter. He had several answers to the question he posed, but the strongest was a sense of HUBRIS, defined as feeling one is beyond consequences due to a inflated sense of self-importance. Think musical genius, sports heroes, actors and actresses and others in the camera light of the Papparazzi.

Logic would suggest it would be the opposite. If I am in your face and you are in my lens, one would think virtue would be the better part of valor.It doesn't seem to work that way. Insecurities and addictive potentials seem to live in the hearts of very successful, highly intelligent people. I am willing to bet (a small sum as I am not much of a gambler) that had I been the life coach of one of these people or if they had one with any capabilities whatsoever, there would have been a good chance to alter the course of history and prevent such self-destruction, familial and communal hurt and shame.

Therefore, I am offering myself to any famous person as a antihubris coach to protect your balls or the female equivilent. Perhaps I can be a jock to the jocks or a shame and blame blocker for the politicians or an alter ego to the actors,muscians and other talented people destined for screaming headlines, rehab, jail and the like. Call me. I will help you to use your large brain to overcome that little one that pushes you over the proverbial cliff in too many directions.

By the way, the same applies ot us less important folk. It is very important that we play and stay within the rules.We need to learn from the big guys and gals not to step on ourselves. When glop rules (see previous blogs,but glop is anything that tempts you into unhealthy and self-defeating behaviors) you put yourself in danger and can hurt many others along the way. Taking care of you is a full time job. Be the very best CEO of your SELF and you will reap the dividends in multiple ways.

As for the big kahunnas out there feel free to call...the little kahunnas too! I help protect all sizes! I am an equal opportunity implorer! As the sign all over IBM when I worked there said, "THINK!" That really says it all.

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