Thursday, July 16, 2009


The day Governor Palin announced her resignation I said to my wife, "If she is elected President in 2012 I'm moving to Bordeaux, France." She said, "OK, I'm voting for her." Clearly, she was endorsing our move to France, not Palin's presidency.

Her bid for VP was more like a reality TV show than a well correographed political race. What was he thinking or drinking when he brought her out of obscurity and into absurdity? I guess he still wonders if he might have won with a different choice. I think the answer is Yes!

There is a definite ballsy part to her decision. She believes she can convince us that leaving her job prematurely and surrounded by scandal will merit entrusting her at the helm of our country. It is even more so, given her ability to fracture the English language on par with our former Republican President. Consider the following quote form the Sun Sentinel:

President Obama is growing government outrageously,and it's immoral
and it's uneconomic,his plan that he tries to sell America.

Frankly, I don't think that sentence would pass a 6th grade FCAT exam.

Eight years of international humiliation and cringing with every news conference were enough. Every late night comedian will vote for her as she represents a treasure trove of monologue's yet to be written. And I am sure the folks at Saturday Night Live will have her double on their first night back saying, "Only dead fish go with the flow,"etc.

My hope is that she is just going for the gold and not the Presidency. Let her be well, earn royalties and fish as much as she wants. Or come vist us in Bordeaux.

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