Thursday, July 30, 2009


That which we pursue changes over time. I clearly remember persevering with my spelling lists in elementary school as well as my multiplication tables. Truth be known I never persevered when it came to geography or geometry. As for penmanship- faggetaboutit! Sometimes perseverance can be selective. As we get older the less we can afford those degrees of freedom.

Clearly, that which we pursue with vigor and persistence changes as we go along. It is amazing how fast we go from our spelling lists to our kids to our grand kids. School, which can feel so daunting as we go, can feel like life-lite as we look over our shoulder and compare it to our adult responsibilities.

Yet, I believe there is a common theme. The origins are laid down early in our lives, but keep coming at us in one form or another. Our goals are to survive in a prideful way, trying to accomplish enough to sustain ourselves. Survival of the fittest applies as much to spelling tests as to work demands as to family/relationship demands. Life hurls obstacles at us and the old game of dodge ball keeps us on our toes. The balls keep changing, but avoiding getting hit remains the goal.

Even as older people we need to persevere or we won't become even older.Just ask my Mom. She is 98+ and has been persevering all her life. Her claim to fame is that she bounces back. That's perseverance in action. Take a lesson from her playbook. NEVER, NEVER NEVER GIVE UP--No Matter what! She would say, "Go slow,but go slowly forward."

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