Monday, July 6, 2009


I read a brief article about Michael Jackson that blamed part of his problems on the culture "we" have created. I don't know about you, but I haven't created a culture--this one or any one for that matter. Perhaps I have tried to create a culture within my family that pretty much encouraged a Protestant ethic of hard work,honorable behavior and frequent travel,the latter perhaps being more a Jewish ethic. I don't exactly know how we got to this point in our history, but I know for sure I didn't bring us here. I doubt you did either.

So there are two questions. One is who creates our cultural norms. The other is what about them influenced MJ in hurtful ways. I will try to offer my answers in future blogs,but I hope the readers will offer their views and comments as well.

As for our culture,like most things it has its positives and its negatives. It has grown in my time in so many ways. While part of me longs for the simpler,user friendly times of the 50's,I do appreciate the comforts of today. These range from not having to use white out to correct my many typos for this blog to medical innovations that would have spared my father's life at 49 to the availability of information. Let's not forget that we went from no vision of racial equality to coming so much closer to it today. To sum it up the Holocaust,in my opinion, could not have reached the magnitude it did in today's tech times. Information, at times overkill and annoying,is the basis for creating democracies,which is really the basis for a civillized culture.

OK. So I know you will start thinking dirty politicans, human greed, reality TV,the pervasiveness of drugs and a host of other toxic pollutant's create a culture of smog.For your own sake and sanity I encourage you not to dwell on those. Rather enjoy the privledges our culture offers, even during tough and challenging times, and feel grateful for what you have. Try, as well, not to buy into the temptations of that glopful smog.

I understand that many have lost much and for that I feel sad and sorry. You still have the power to preserve your dignity while restoring your solvency and I sincerely hope that is what you will do. It is that very grit and determination that our ancestors drew upon to build this great nation. I believe those same potentials still exist within the fabric of our culture. Maintaining ourselves is all about focusing on the positives,drawing strength and motivation from them and realizing how fortunate we are to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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