Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today I watched my master bathroom of 25+ years being demolished. It took a day to tear it apart and bring it down to its core. It will take three weeks or more to rebuild it. Right now it looks awful, but soon it will look fresh and updated.

The same is true with people. We can self-destruct in a flash and take quite a while to rebuild. There are no blueprints for us, but several healthy choices with regard to our self-development.

It is positive to tear down an old structure for the sake of renewal. It is not so positive to tear ourselves down before we rebuild. Better we should avoid any self-destructive tear downs and continue to rebuild ourselves as we go. As I have previously said, maturity is not something we ever reach, but keep reaching for as part of our personal growth.

Glop tempts us toward self-destructive ends. Avoid it via self-control, discipline and having a vision beyond the moment.

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