Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As was pointed out to me recently by a very bright young woman,sometimes, sometimes is the most important word in a sentence. Without it ideas can be exxagerated. Look at the fundemental difference between, "People are selfish and greedy." and Sometimes, people are selfish and greedy." Yet, sometimes we are seduced into making "glittering generalities" that overstate and then negate the very case we are trying to make.

The same is true and even more hurtful in couple conflicts. Sometimes, in my office, I hear a partner speaking to another and saying, "You always do ....." or You never do ......" To which the other person responds by saying, "But, what about this time or that instance..." Watch out for, "You always waste money on stupid stuff," or the equivilent. Remember the word sometimes. It really comes in handy all of the time! Well, maybe that overstates the case -- at least some of the time. No, actually most of the time,but never all of the time. I think I made my point! I always do -- at least some of the time. Sometimes, I even get silly which is a good thing -- sometimes.

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