Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our personal accounting is often faulty. We tend to give ourselves -10 for a minor failing and +1 for an important accomplishment. "Oh, it was nothing," are words that reflect this imbalance. If people managed their bank accounts the way they manage their personal account, they would always be in the red and soon be bankrupt.

It is important to count it all and count it fairly. In some respects emotional bankruptcy is worse than the financial kind. This is precisely why I created the idea of a "shame and blame" account and a "pride bank." My goal is to help people identify and keep track of their emotional assets and liabilities. I encourage you to count the former and work on the latter and try objectively, to give it all a fair rating.

In all liklihood the plusses deserve 10+,the minuses 1-3...Ok maybe a 4 and in most areas of life 7 out of 10 ain't bad at all-- unless of course it is geometry or calculus in which case, join the club!

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