Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday, I talked about turning back the hands of time. In fact, it is as if the advancement of technology has sped up the hands of time and altered our perception of it. BC (before computers), getting things done was undeniably and understandably slow. We all accepted life at that slow pace because we didn't know any better. The good news was we weren't in such a hurry. That Joe The Grocer added our bill by scribbling the cost of each item on the side of the brown paper bag with a thick pencil and adding it up out loud ( 6+4+7+5 is 22 carry the 2) was good enough.

Today, despite scanners and credit card payment machines we can't get through the line fast enough.Even the self-pay system at Home Depot keeps us waiting a few seconds before it spits out our receipt ( come on already!) in record time. The same with getting on line or sending an email. If it takes an extra second or two for my email to be sent, I can be oh so annoyed! If the voice mail message doesn't immediately offer the option I need or if the person I am calling doesn't immediately pick up I feel frustrated. You don't even know what I say to the automated woman who says, "I do not understand your response," after I just read her my credit card number.

In reality, what we perceive as major delays are actually amazing transactions being processed at lightening speed. In that context we need to take a small step back to avoid being sucked into this accelerated time machine. We are not robots and need to avoid responding like one. We simultaneously need to slow our lives down to a healthier,less hectic and harried pace, while appreciating our highly efficient new world order--even when it goes a few seconds slower than we would like.

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