Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Recently, I've seen several fashionable women wearing jeans so tattered that I couldn't help but say, My mother would never let me out of the house in those." A recent article in New York magazine said ripped jeans are in for summer '09 and range in price from $175-$425.

My reaction is the same as it is to those young folk who cover themselves in tattoos. Harmless,but silly!

I keep hoping that these challenging economic times will turn back time,so our culture of narcisism will be modified to the simpler,happy days of the past.

Clearly, corporations,designers,the media, etc. all try to influence us for their gain. As healthy, balanced and confident people we are better positioned to make choices that make personal sense to us, rather than being concerned about making statements to others.

Now is a good time to work on ourselves so that the cess of our past and the toll it takes on our confidence, doesn't make a mess of our lives in any way. As messes go ripped or faux paint splattered jeans don't even count. They are a symbol of silly,not sick.

The good news is that when torn jeans are out of style- say by summer '10- they can go the way of all fashion statements by ending up at the back of the closet or in the rummage pile. Tattoos, on the other hand are not so easy to erase. Neither are traditions thank goodness. Perhaps it is time we went to the back of that closet to pull out some that could well apply in helpful ways today?

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