Thursday, June 4, 2009


We welcome Mimi Gegg as our Director of the Tranquility Center. She brings much to the table of relaxation training including flowers. See for a video of our Tranquility Center. Mimi can help you learn about meditation,guided imagery,creating safe spaces,biofeedback, heart math and much more.

This week she brought in floweres and put them in a vase atop our water cooler with a sign simply saying, "take one." I did and everytime I look at it I think peace, tranquility and calm. It symbolizes what we all search for and struggle to locate. Funny enough,they are all around us,often in the simplest of ways.

Many who have taken a flower have commented how it brightened their day. Sometimes it takes a village. Other times it takes as little as a single flower. Perhaps the flower children of the 60's were onto something. I am pleased we are bringing that energy back into our center.

Contact Mimi at 954 696 1248. Maybe she will give you a flower and a whole lot more tranquility.

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