Monday, June 29, 2009


As our recession/depresssion reared into full swing, several sucessful men said, "In my family we have lived large," or the equivilent. That was code for we spend a shitload of money on silly stuff! These same families and many others like them are reevaluating what were excessive, self-indulgent life styles. There was at least a little of that in almost all middle and higher class homes.

Credit cards, easy loan money,inflated home values and stock market simultaneously and a happy days are here again/gold rush mind set fed excesses in everything from private schooling,expensive dance classes for 10 year old klutzes,lavish trips and baubles of all kinds including shoes and purses in the many hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The really wealthy always had these luxuries, but in the past decade or so,the semi, temporarily or delusionally wealthy thought they could jump in as well.For those more grounded in reality there were always knock offs.

Now, I hope reality will rule for all of us,even the truly wealthy. Knock offs do have there place you know. When we live in reality boundries temper temptations. We are also forced to seperate need from greed as we take more time to make costly decisions, rather than respond impulsively.

Reality is really a cost to benefit analysis. Reality says markets go up and down and sideways and who knows which way. It also says saving for a rainy day is not old fashioned--it's common sense and self-protective.

Living large is undeniably fun till it comes time to pay the credit card bill, mortgages, etc. Living realistically is safer and more secure which in the long run is really fun.

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