Monday, June 22, 2009


Fathers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some are caring and loving, while others are distant, disconnected or dead (literally or figuratively). Some are abusive, sad to say. Sometimes fathers guide us well,other times we have to find our own way.

Yesterday was a day to honor Fathers--at least those that deserve honor. Hopefully you had that opportunity in some form or another. Today is a day to honor yourself-- for all you have been through, for the ups and downs of your life,for the choices you have made that were wise and for those that weren't, but from which you learned and hopefully for your ongoing committment to the slow, evolving process of personal growth.

Ultimately, we need to be our own Mother and Father and guide our SELVES well on this strange journey we call life.

A Happy Self Day to all.

PS I can see Hallmark churning out those cards already:

Dear Self,

I really love and appreciate you SOOOOOOO much on this and every day. Or you could send yourself a voice card in your own voice saying these messages. Screw the cards and commercialized and compartmentalized emotionality. Just talk to yourself in a kind, supportive, loving way each and every day!! It is time to appreciate all of your fine qualities and stop picking on the minor flaws.

Bye For Now,


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