Monday, June 15, 2009


I received an email from a young man whose opinion I value. He said, "I like what you are blogging, but most don't have to do with the economy. If I go to a blog by that name I want practical, economy related answers to our tough times."

I gave this feedback serious thought and then concluded I am a Psychologist, not an Economist or Financial Advisor. My portfolio or lack thereof certainly reflects that. I end each blog sending people back to my inital one-3/17/09- which defines my goals.

Coping is the critical word. Whether it is economic losses, deaths, panic or phobia, divorce, business stresses, medical problems or family strife it is all about healthy vs. unhealthy coping. It is also all about taking better care of YOU!

This is what this blog is about. if you need financial help experts are all around. Chose wisely and carefully. If you can benefit from emotional encouragement, support and a few rays of realistic, optomistic sunshine return to this blog every business day.

PS Thanks B.R. for helping me clarify these issues for you, me and the readers of copewiththeeconomy. Sure hope you get the dog poop off the carpet ASAP.Be well!

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