Friday, June 26, 2009


While cars, homes, certain clothing and some restaurant meals have come down in price,just about everything else seems high and higher.

Gas, drycleaning,my haircut,food at the supermarket or the local market, movies,popcorn and a drink, sports or theater tickets and food or drink in all captive spaces all seem overpriced--in many cases ridiculously so.

I would have thought by now that supply and demand would have had a more general effect. I also would have thought that working on smaller margins of profit and loss leaders would be a better option than store and busines closings at an alarming rate,especially given the domino effect of that.

Therefore, until we see these adjustments occur it is important to be a wiser than ever consumer. Tighter budgeting and more conservative spending helps in many ways. Beyond saving money, it forces us to develop a live within our means model. That was the way it was before credit and credit cards created mass delusions of grandeur and a manic episode of acquisition based on money tree beliefs. In addition, by showing restraint in our consumption,we will ultimately effect the demand curve in a way which will bring down prices. Just watch what happens if no one,for example,buys popcorn at the movies. Or no one goes to the movies.

My optomism about the future is not based on a belief that the economy will magically turn around anytime soon. It is fueled by my hope and belief that we will learn from our experiences,adapt accordingly and avoid the dangerous trap of denial as it applies to money matters. Our culture of narcisism and age of entitlement need to morph into a time when reality rules. More on this Monday.

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