Thursday, June 18, 2009


Singing, "Let The Sunshine In" Hair won a 2009 Tony for best musical revival.

When I saw in in the 60's it seemed so relevant as to be a stage production of our lives at that very moment. When I saw it a few months ago my initial reaction was that it was as outdated as I myself feel. Let's face it. When you don't do MySpace, Tweet on Twitter,do FaceBook and have never visited, EBay or UTube it is easy to feel like an antique. I think I once went on Craigs list,but it was by accident!

Be that as it may, when Hair unfolded my mind set reached a higher consciousness. I came in contact with the adage, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Hair is about revolution and a peaceful protest against war.Irag and Viet Nam are really twins on a scale of DUH!! Hair is also about love, acceptance and kindness.

The flower power values of the 60's are as important today as they were back them. As the man accepting the award said, Peace Now, Freedom Now, Equality Now and Justice for All." Some things transcend time and maintain a universal and perpetual relevance. The roots of Hair grow long today. As you can see I changed my mind. That is really what the play is all about.

In so many ways we have progressed since the 60's, but by the same toke(n)we have slipped. It may just be time to let our Hair down,come up for Air,Find Someone to Love,conclude You Got Life and optomistically say, Good Morning Sunshine. Oh, did I mention that we also need to Let The Sunshine In?

PEACE NOW and forever!!!

Bye For Now,


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  1. Dr. Penzer,
    "Hair Has Roots" has a very entertaining way of reminding us to awaken and be more conscious of what's as important today as it was in the 60's. It is both a "toke" of fun and more than a token reminder that Peace, Freedom, Equality and Justice are higher values that should never be subordinated to the materialism in which we lose ourselves. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.
    Marcia Seeberg, MS