Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today I was reflecting on my Father's Day last week. It was a good,but different kind of a day. Perhaps I am learning from these blogs.

I decided I would do no "work" that day. For me that is a big step forward. My son and daughter visited as did my 98+ year old Mom who is struggling, but hanging in for the moment. We had a lovely brunch--indoors- because outdoors was definitely too hot.

We returned Mom to her home where she has amazingly lived alone all these years (although now she has people who come in twice a day to help her). Then we...played board games. Give me a break--I don't play any games! But I did this day and I had fun--we all had fun. Laughing while playing Apples to Apples which is a game for all ages and then Scrabble. I enjoyed it even though I left a Q in my que because I didn't have a U. But I had a You(meaning me) of a good time none-the-less.

In a follow-up thank you email my son pointed out how nice and easy it is to have fun economically. I whole heartedly agree. Now is the time to return to fun, play, board games and OK (true confessions time) Pizza. It is all good in moderation. The Monday after Father's Day I worked all day catching up, but with a smile on my face. That makes a big difference.

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