Monday, June 8, 2009


For a variety of reasons I am driving around more than before. I am shocked at the risks people are willing to take. This blog is directed to them. My fear is they don't read much.

I am imploring you to calm down. You seem to want to beat me out in one way or another. What don't those of you who do that not understand? A vehicle is a lethal weapon of mass destruction. 50K+ die each year on America's roadways. Surely, you don't want to be one of them! Surely, I don't, even if you do!

On the main streets you weave in and out like you are making a scatter rug. On the highways entrances you are behind me, but jump out in front of me accomplishing exactly what I must ask, other than making it hard for me to enter the road? When you are not doing that you are cutting me off from the left or the right,driving much to close to my bumper, wizzing by me (that goes for you helmetless guys on the motorcyles) and royally pissing me off in all kinds of ways. This ain't bumper cars--this is your (and my) life. Somehow, I don't like the same odds that oddly you do.

I like life. Ending it in a crash never appealed to me.Does it appeal to you? I can't imagine why. You are just are in denial. Believe me when I say death by motor vehicle accident is all too real. Check the papers any day of the week.

Please steer clear of me. I'm in the silver Lexus SUV with the copewiththeeconomy magnets on either side. Please show some respect to me and other drivers. And if you are drunk please call me to drive you home or a cab. DUI's are no fun at all. Trust me on that and all the rest,so you don't end up as a RIP road marker...the one with the flowers, teddy bears and blood splattered all about.

Bye For Now,


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  1. Got a little fire in your belly and for good (or bad) reasons.

    mg, Florida