Friday, June 19, 2009


In a Sun Sentinel article(6/1/09) the author argued that contrary to popular belief,a bad economy is bad for our physical and emotional health. He states,"economic stress causes overeating or switching to cheaper,less healthful food so people gain weight." Critical is the question of whether we gain insight from challenges or use them as an excuse to indulge our little girl/boy parts. Coping is about mobilizing our healthy adult self!

Clearly, things can go either way. A loss of money,jobs, status, identity, homes, etc.certainly foster depression,anxiety,lethargy and indulgence in glopful (hurtful and self-defeating) activities.

These same losses and their emotional reactions can stimulate vigilence,creativity, activity, healthier habits and a committment to modifying values, beliefs attitudes and behaviors that have become distorted, exxagerated or indulgent.

The path to hurtful or healthy is a choice. I hope you agree and work toward making choices that are healthy, self-enhancing and prideful.

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