Thursday, June 11, 2009


I stopped at the water's edge after a long walk on the beach. I followed my own advice.I stood there in place and became mindful.

I became aware of the sweat glisteningbrightly as it dripped off my body. I followed along as these tiny drops merged with the big sea waters. I watched the white bubbles kiss the shore at different points in different ways. I listened to the greeting of the sounds of the waves announcing their arrival. I observed the different shades of blue and green creating a peacful picture. I saw a Pelican swooping from on high to precisely hit a target and hungrily eat its catch. I became aware of the wet sand beneath my toes as I twisted them about. I noticed seashells randomly distributed beneath the white bubbles and blueish green waters.

I then spontaneously stretched my arms out as wide as they could go while observing the wispy white clouds criss-crossing through a pale blue sky.

Then I very calmly walked back.

Bye For Now,


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