Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Out OF 10 Ain't Bad -- Part III

Think of that which is pretty good at 7 of 10:

slot machine hits
any sports statistics other than strike outs,
errors,fumbles, sacks, etc.
percentage of sales
stock picks
foul shots
relapse statistics
memory recall of unimportant issues
olympic medals
sucessful business days these days
pride bank deposits

That which is not that good:

lost luggage on airline flights
being late to an important meeting
grades in any subject other than belly dancing
frequency of fender benders
overdraws on your checking account
losing keys, wallet, etc.
remembering important deadlines
number of successful marriages
number of lawsuits against you which you will win

Think of others and send in a comment.

Remember 7 of 10 is a relative concept. Hopefully, all of your 7's can be relatively prideful scores.

Bye For Now,


954 475 1371 x 1
561 361 1898 x 1

check 3/17 blog to know our goals

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