Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This blog is dedicated to the fine woman who inspired it.

What I really like about life is the title of this blog. Whether I am in the African bush, wandering the streets of the Big Apple or the much quieter spaces of Coral Springs and Jupiter, Florida, I just never know. Same for you, wherever you are.

I will be the first to admit that sometimes what’s coming at us really sucks. OMG it can take you to dark, low and challenging spaces in a flash. But, that is life! Our job is to rise to it and live through it---hopefully.

Other times, however, what comes at us is heaven on earth, pure joy and dynamite in the most positive sense of the term. That is what makes life interesting, exciting and worth living. It is also what enables us to get through difficult times. Life gets better and worse and better again-hopefully!

As Freud taught us years ago, what we need to feel fulfilled is Love and Work. I will add that it really helps if we love our work! Many people are s… out of luck in both areas for the moment. There is no denying these are rough and tumble times.

But good things may be coming around the corner. We can only hope they will come soon. I wish you well.

Bye For Now,


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