Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Know up front that I don’t watch TV. Sometimes I watch the news or part of it. Most of the time it makes me feel sad. I will watch Idol if we are having dinner. I don’t really care who wins—I think the top 10 all win. I think the show is far from reality. In fact, I would go so far as to say, there is no reality on TV. It is just a well scripted illusion.

In this context, you can imagine my shock when I read a few months ago that the average American watches well over 250 hours of TV a month. “Where do they get the time to do that?” I asked out loud. My “to do” list is never ending, though my life and practice is not that complicated.

Though there is some TV worth watching, too much is a form of denial that provides and easy and passive escape. TV is effortless. With a remote in your hand you neither have to stand, nor walk. With modern day recorders you neither have to be there on time, nor watch commercials. It is all a “walk in the park” without moving a limb! Personally, I prefer a real walk in a real park on a really sunny day.

You clearly have choices. Relaxing is always a worthwhile investment of your time. The same is true of taking active and proactive steps to managing your life. That active approach to your life will pay dividends many times over. Go girls! Go guys! Move on down the line. The TV will always be there for you whenever you need to fill in some blanks. I hope you decide to chose it rather than abuse it!

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  1. TV can be fun and exciting, something to look forward to, if there is a certain show you follow. You're right, most of it is meaningless but some it is really good. If you find a show that really grips you and look forward to watching it and have friends that come over and discuss the plot after it ends. Some series you might write off, like Battle Star Galactica (BSG)as pure Sci-Fi fantasy but actually explore real problems humanity faces in a different setting. I'd pick BSG any night over a night at the Blue Martini in Miami... now I feel like a walk in the park!

  2. Take a walk, Dude. It wakes up your day!. I did today (Saturday) and it was lovely.