Friday, May 15, 2009


For many years I have noticed that younger people will deferentially refer to me as “Sir.” The most recent example was the 30ish man in the park with his dog who said, “And a very good morning to you, Sir.” Here I am trying to be active and I get taken down like a dog being readied to be put to sleep. I wouldn't do that to his dog!

This happens in many different places. At the gym younger guys will say, “Do you want to work in with me, Sir?” This makes me feel they think I might pass on before they complete their reps. In supermarkets, I hear a lot of, “Go ahead of me, Sir” and at other stores, “How are we today, Sir?” The latter is a double dose of condescension. I understand when and why I became Sir, but not when I became we! Perhaps I am just too sensitive to this aging thing!

Though I appreciate the intended respect, I don’t love the implied, “old man” context. Aging is a weird and funny thing. We all want to get older, but don’t want to be older.

I feel 25 years younger than I am. Please don’t take me out of that denial by calling me Sir. Better you should call me Billy. Some really old friends still do. That they are my “really old” friends tells the tale, now that I think about it.

Call me what you like as it doesn’t really change anything. Just please try not to call me Sir!

Bye For Now,

Sir Billy

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  1. I agree entirely with this blog entry. I recently noted the increased frequency of the useage of "Sir" in my presence and also feel annoyed by it - as a result I find myself using it more so perhaps, it is just contagious. Let's start calling each other "Dude" and see if that catches on.

  2. Hey Dude, Thanks for the comment!

    Dude Bill