Friday, May 29, 2009


Mental health professionals speak about staying present in the moment of our lives.By doing that we deal with what is going on right then and there. It is a way to dodge historical hurts as well as future fears. They believe the only reality is here and now. They are correct best as I can tell.

This goal has its origins in Eastern philosophy. It is easier said than done. Our minds tend to race back and forth along many converging lines. With practice, one can become more present centered,more now focused and more able to enjoy life--one moment, one hour, one day at a time.

Taking a few moments every day to be mindful is an interesting and relaxing
experience. Just close your eyes, take a few deep belly breaths and begin to tune into the sounds and sensations that surround you or are within you.

Observe a tingling in your toe or an itch on your ear. Move to the sound of the AC kicking on or going off. Hear the lawn mower in the distance or see the flashes of light within your closed eyes.Or just be aware of the rhythmic vibrations of your breathing. Don't react in any way, just observe, take note,stay with it or move on.

Focus, pay attention,become aware and observe the peace inducing benefits of being mindful. It is definitely a "smell the roses" experience that helps counterbalance the stresses of our lives. Try will definitely like it.

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