Friday, May 1, 2009


I’ve heard these words a few times in the past few weeks. One was in the context of completing college, another in opening a small business and a third regarding getting back into shape.

It is really a phrase of strength .Very few worthwhile accomplishments happen quickly. No matter how far you went in school, it wasn’t fast unless you dropped out in third grade.

Life takes time. This is not so easy for us to deal with in our accelerated “red bull” world. The “we want it now or yesterday” model, strengthened by technology, fails almost all of the time. Buying stocks or houses during the frenzy led mostly to a short term mania and a longer term depression.

It is the “surely” that is the key word in that phrase. Steady Eddy trumps uneven Steven every time.

Slowly, but surely we shall recover from these challenging times. It is equivalent to the “a day at a time” motto for AA/NA members and their families. Recovering form anything –the flu, financial setbacks, addictions, surgery—is neither magical nor instantaneous. Slowly, but surely we get back on our feet and move steadily forward.

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