Friday, May 22, 2009


This week I have emphasized the importance of sustaining hope, especially during tough times. I just read a brief excerpt in Time Magazine from Elizabeth Edward’s new book, “Resilience.” The little I read speaks of hope.

In 2006 while battling breast cancer that invaded her lymph nodes (not hopeful), with her husband running a dark horse race for President( not hopeful), she learned a few distorted details of her husband’s affair (not hopeful) and later learned from the tabloids that there might be a child involved and that it was more than a one time adventure ( super not hopeful!).

Yet, I sense from my short read that she has hope. They are still together. It feels as if she has planted seeds of forgiveness, while he sows the harvest of distrust. He struggles to separate these newly sprouted weeds, from the lush green grass of old. Glop kicks ass every time (see next Monday’s blog).

The title fits perfectly and my guess is the book is worth the read, especially if it inspires hope. I would go so far as to say that hope is the fuel that powers resilience and enables us to overcome severe blows to our trust.

I wish the Edward’s family well—we can only HOPE!

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