Thursday, May 14, 2009


For me, active is a morning walk in the park near my house. It is a mile long trek that loops along the park’s perimeter. People walk in both directions such that we often pass each other. Too often, passers by avoid eye contact and don’t say good morning. When I do they look at me as if I am up to something not so good.

When I have walked in other places –Georgia or California—I have always been greeted by those going the other way with a hearty, “good morning, beautiful day, have a good one….” Such warmth is viral and begets more of the same.

For some reason many South Floridians take a colder approach. Sad to say the same is true in many neighborhoods, mine included. Maybe it is me!!! Somehow, I don't think so.

Last Friday, however, every person who passed me said, “Good Morning.” One guy, walking with his dog to whom I said,. “Good morning,” said, “A very good morning to you, Sir.” More on that tomorrow.

Perhaps there is hope for us yet. My encouragement is to be active, be friendly and be happy. It can be all good—at least on a morning walk in the park.

Bye For Now,


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