Monday, May 4, 2009


I keep thinking about how easily we get stuck in traps of our own making. Time marches on, but we have a funny way of standing still.

Our thoughts and actions are filtered by lenses that keep us in the same old spaces. New issues are met with automatic, knee jerk-- like responses. Our choices can be ridiculously redundant. Being creatures of habit can be a positive and not so positive thing, depending on the specific habit. Going to the gym and going to the bar are very different activities.

I keep asking myself, “How can I do it differently this time around? How can I avoid traps that are waiting for me up ahead? How, like the teacher played by Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society, can I stand on top of my desk and see things from a different angle. How can I make better, safer, healthier and more protective choices?”

I am working on these challenges. I hope you are too.


“There’s no better measure of what people are then what they do when they are totally free to choose.”

William Belger

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