Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your De-Stress Kit

Your Personal De-Stress Kit

This De-stress kit is for anyone experiencing extra stress from the ongoing financial meltdown, or any other challenging event.

The global community is becoming aware of a need to shift from pursuit of self gain at other’s expense, to a balanced system of care for the rights and needs of everyone. Even as we become aware of this need, people are going through different emotional stages - shock, denial, anger, blame and despair.

Eventually we need to engage in thoughts and actions of self-care and health concerns to reach a point where we can rebuild our coping capacity and create a psychological turn-around.

Doc Childre of the HeartMath Institute suggests the following practices to reduce stress and reset our systems to move forward.

1. Communicate and interact with others - Take advantage of the free Cope with the Economy support group on this website.

2. Re-open your heart feelings by offering kindness and compassionate support to others.

3. Practice appreciation and gratitude.

4. Decrease drama.

5. Manage your reactions to the news - Listen from a neutral position.

6. Prayer or Meditation

7. Heart focused breathing to reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Sleep

9. Exercise

10. Reduce comparing the present with the past - stay in the now.

11. Reduce Fear.

12. Engage with your family.

13. Don’t blame yourself.

14. Write a letter to yourself - with a commitment to move forward.

A complete 15 page booklet describing these suggestions in detail is available from:

Marcia S. Seeberg, MS,LMHC

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