Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday, while I was typing my blog about the Blackout, I made many typos. They were fixed in a jiffy, thanks to the power of Word and its cut and paste features.

I commented to my wife about these incredibly efficient tools compared to our college and graduate school days. Back then we had whiteout for typo corrections, which always made a soggy and bumpy mess. Before that we had white strips that were placed where the key met the paper and typed over the area to change a letter, word or sentence. This too was a sloppy and inefficient process. All of my typed papers were unsightly. They were, however, better than my handwriting which was and remains illegible. If you don’t believe me ask the kind and patient woman who types my handwritten yellow pad scribbles.

Even when I worked for IBM in the 60’s we had Selectric typewriters that made corrections, but it was not nearly as efficient as today’s computer magic.

My point is that we have come so far in so many ways in my lifetime and yours. So much can be done today that was unknown and undreamed of back then, except by a few visionaries who took us forward

In this context let’s feel grateful for all the good that has come into our lives from the techno revolution of the late 20th and early 21 century achievements. We may, unfortunately, leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of debt, but we are also leaving them the tools and gifts which will make it easier for them to pay those obligations.

More on this issue the rest of the week.

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  1. I encourage of of us who are techno challenged to step up and keep up with whatever tools we have for contemporary communication and proactive work such as yours! mg Florida