Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I believe that we all have a Pride Bank (PB) and a Shame and Blame Account (SBA) within ourselves. When we behave according to positive values we make PB deposits and when we behave in ways that cause feelings of guilt we make SBA entries. People without a conscience – the Madoffs of the world—don’t have working SBAs. In fact in a cross- wired way what for most would be SBA’s, for them are PB deposits. Sociopathy, for most of us, is not easy to understand.

Important to note for most people their PB is directly tied into their Piggy Bank. Thus money helps people to feel successful and secure. When your Piggy Bank is reduced, as most have been, it is easy for shame and blame to flow and make a mess via addictions and other hurtful behaviors.

It can be helpful to separate these three banks in your mind. You may be unemployed, losing your home or going bust, BUT you can still feel proud of your past successes, strengths, skills, potentials, loved ones, and future anticipated recovery. You can also feel proud of your ability to rise to the challenges of the moment, cut back and start anew. Your talents are the same as when the markets were up and you were doing better financially. In many ways we need to see our self as made up of many different components, one of which is our financial resources.

Most importantly, is the need not to dig your hole deeper via unhealthy SBA behaviors. It is just as easy to become addicted to healthy, stress relieving activities as unhealthy ones. Whether you make PB or SBA deposits is always a choice, We encourage you to chose that which will help refill your PB, even though your Piggy Bank is lower than you would like.

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  1. I am interested in learing the techniques of getting beyond the tense dollars and cents existence.