Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Surrending to Forces Beyond Your Control

It is amazing how quickly we go from a tonsillectomy as a kid to a colonoscopy as an old goat. “Time flies whether you are having fun or not, so you better have some fun,” I always say.
Today I am doing my colonoscopy prep. TMI, my kids would say. I am writing this blog one sentence at a time, if you know what I mean. Much too much TMI!

I cancelled two previously scheduled colonoscopies like the cowardly lion I am. Finally, I have just surrendered to it. I pushed past my frightened inner child, so my inner adult could allow this inner experience to occur. I hope the meaning of it won’t be felt too deeply.

Surrendering is a healthy acceptance of an unpleasant or unhealthy reality. Addicts of all types surrender when they embrace the first step and admit “I am powerless…..” It is the beginning of their recovery and effort to hold onto that slippery slope.

The same is true for those facing unfathomable losses. The diabetic who has to loose a leg, the person who has gone blind from accident or disease, or the person facing chemotherapy all must surrender to fates and forces beyond their control. That “blind faith” act paves the way for acceptance and helps them move forward into the future.

This is also true for financial losses. People hit hard must ultimately surrender to that unfortunate and unfair reality. Compared to the above it doesn’t really seem as horrible. Everything in life is relative. What seems like worst case consequences may not really be, comparatively.

Compared to all of the above my prep is not really at all awful. I feel better already and hope you do too.

By the way, this is one blog day where no one can say, “You’re full of crap.” Sorry, that just slipped out!

Bye for Now,
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  1. thanks i needed that.
    it sure was an eye openner and got my vision out of my nether end. it helped teach me my anus from my antrum.

    in other words no longer need a proctologist to find my view but a willingness to let go and let good come to me. by surrender my resistance to what is I open to receiving my than what i had bargained for. it is my resistance and lack of acceptance to what is that sets up my suffering.

    god grant me the serenity to accept what is.
    that doctor penzer writes beautifully and has a razor wit, and a clever sense of humor

    a devoted follower and admirer.... thanks for the words of encouragement

    a lover or RUMI

  2. dear doc penzer
    i hope it all comes out well

    a devoted follower of yours
    and lover of hafiz

    from the poem
    "You have been invited to meet THE FRIEND.

    No one can resist a DIVINE INVITATION.

    That narrows down all our choices to just two:

    We can come to GOD Dressed for Dancing


    Be carried on a stretcher to God's Ward." from the book of poems I HEARD GOD LAUGHING, by daniel ladinsky

  3. in the same book on the first page the author, Ladinsky writes "Hafiz describes some of the preparations required for the inner "Journey of Love". He urges us to let go of habitual negative attiudes and unnecessary attachments, which only weigh us down. To make this Journey, we must be light, happy and free to go dancing".

    "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness The Astonishing Light of your own Being".

    page 1 from I HEARD GOD LAUGHING, by Ladinski

  4. I believe that God laughs a lot, I also believe that Dr. P gives him some material to do so.