Monday, April 27, 2009


Today at Sam’s Club, the weekend shrimp and seafood vendor was blasting Calypso music. It seemed to create an instant good mood. One woman said, “I feel like I am on vacation.”

Another woman broke into a spontaneous dance and strutted on over to the shrimp counter while the vendor starting dancing too. Then another lady and an older man who didn’t appear to be together began to dance a few steps as well. The lady giving out Turkey samples swayed in place to the rhythmic beat.

All in all it was a u tube, dancing with the nonstars moment of spontaneous happiness and free spirited joy. In so many ways it showed the possibility of simple, no cost treasures that can beget pleasures of all kinds.

Music can make or break a mood. As part of the Tranquility Center at our Plantation office ( see the video on our website) spa type music plays continuously in all offices and the waiting area. Everyone finds it pleasant and relaxing including the other therapists and me.

I encourage you to find music that works to enhance your mood and dance, strut, sway, sing along or relax to the beat. I am quite sure that if Sam Walton was alive and in the Coral Springs store today, he would have danced too.

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  1. mg Florida

    I like "Don't Worry Be happy" for my Monday morning mantra. There is always a time to dance, even while grocery shopping!