Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yiddish is a wonderfully warm, colorful and textured language spoken by my grandparents. Sadly, it will probably disappear as the older generation moves on. I don’t speak it, but I do know a few words. Readers of this blog will hear them from time to time.

A mitzva is a good deed. It is doing something kind for a worthy person or cause. It could be as simple as writing a check to charity, as small as a compliment or as big as giving of your precious time to help a friend or relative.

The nice thing about a mitzva is that they add significantly to your pride banks (see yesterdays blog) at a time when we can all use some extra deposits. Doing mitzvot (plural) help neutralize and limit our mishagas (quirkiness, craziness).

Though you yourself may be struggling with some losses, seek out mitzvah opportunities. Often, in a what comes around goes around way, mitzvah get paid back eventually. The funnest part of life is that you just don’t know what lies ahead.

Even if you don’t get a tangible payback, the emotional dividends you feel from doing a mitzvah are worth doing them. Whatever your religion doing a good deed will feel good. I guarantee it.

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