Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today’s blog has the potential to be misunderstood. Know that I strongly believe in belt tightening, cautious and conservative consumerism and a reevaluation of past spending habits for all of us.

I also believe some expenses pay multiple emotional dividends that justify their costs. I observed one such example today. I was driving back to Broward from South Miami at 4:15 PM on a Friday. The new I 95 express lane price was $1.50. It varies depending upon time and traffic. The majority of drivers did not choose that option. It was bumper to bumper for them all the way up, while the express lane was flying at 70 MPH.

I considered the following:

· My car burns much more gas in stop and go traffic.
· A much greater likelihood of a fender bender in stop and go-especially when everyone is texting and talking because they are bored.
· My stress and blood pressure levels in traffic, especially on a Friday.
· The money going to a government agency that can really use the revenue.
· My getting home much faster to spend time with my wife and visiting daughter (priceless).
· I would have repeatedly kicked myself as I limped along for not having taken the express lane.
· It was less than the $2.00+ diet coke I almost bought in Miami.

We need to decide between frivolous expenses and those which are within reason and in the direction of taking care of us. It is very important during all times, but especially difficult ones, that you take care of you, while you are trying your best to take care of business.

Please don’t punish yourself for making poor decisions—everyone, just about, made them. Instead reward yourself for your strength, resilience and ability to rise to the challenges. Comfort for a buck and a half is a deal I recommend you take whenever you can—especially on a Friday. It sure beats a $2.00+ soda any day.

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