Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was part of the big blackout in New York City in 1965. I was in graduate school at NYU and teaching at my alma mater, Baruch College on 23rd and Lexington Ave. In the middle of my lecture, all of sudden, the lights went out. I thought I had said something truly profound. Truth be known, it was a massive and multiple electrical failure. Class dismissed!

As is typically the case under crisis conditions the comraderie was wonderful. People stuck for hours in elevators and subways helped and supported each other through those ordeals. On the streets, where I was, the mood was New Years Eve friendly. The bars were full and did a booming business in the dark. As this was BC (before computers) the cash registers went caching without interruption.

Like most people stranded, I waited several hours thinking the lights and trains would be restored soon. That was not the case that night. About 11P.M. I headed toward the Westside Drive and thumbed a ride that took me within walking distance to my apartment in Riverdale, The Bronx. The first car that passed stopped and gave me a lift.

Today, we have another type of “blackout” going on where so much is being lost in red ink. The lights are still on, but it is hard to see into a comfortable future. So once again, in whatever city you are in try to be kind and caring. Let’s find ways to give others a “lift” emotionally.

Together we can get past these temporary challenges. Daily I hear or read about people reaching out to touch someone. Let’s be one of those people. If needed, let’s be one of those to be touched. That is why we have created free support groups. Call us. We will reach out and touch you in a supportive way. It is time to pay back for the anonymous driver that took me home. Call me so we can be of help.

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