Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome To Our Emotional Support Blog

When there is a national disaster like a hurricane, serial shooting or terrorist attack, mental health professionals of all types rush to provide immediate assistance and support.

When Susan the administrator is losing her home, Ted the auto worker has lost his job and Joe the plumber’s portfolio is in the toilet at the same time Ellen’s struggle as a single Mom of three just became harder, we need to reach out and help.

This blog is one such an attempt. It was my son Mike’s idea. We hope to provide a net of support tools that can help you cope and lessons on how to meet this challenge head on. We are also offering free support groups by the same name as this blog, in Plantation and Boca Raton, FL. We hope other mental health professionals will pick up the ball in their communities. We will list those locations across the country as long as the groups are totally without charge.

Now, we feel, is the time to come to the aid of others struggling with serious economic pressures today and with an uncertain future. Though we know very little about the economy, we know much about emotions, the human mind, and most importantly, how to help people cope with stressful times.

We want to help you avoid falling into self-defeating traps -- depression, anxiety, panic, addictions, gambling, overeating -- and all the other hurtful stuff that stress can provoke and promote. Human nature is strange in that we can fall into a hole, and instead of reaching for a rope to climb out, we can easily dig ourselves deeper. We want to help you not reach for a shovel when there are so many better tools available.

We promise we will not blow smoke in your direction. We aim to light a fire in your belly that will help propel you to move forward. That is why we call our philosophy realistic optimism for our times.

Though tempting, this is not a time to sit back, stare into space and feel sorry for yourself. This is a time to be proactive, creative and adaptive. This is a time to mobilize the CEO of Your SELF (more about this in future blogs) and take charge of your personal corporation. You need to prevent yourself from being down because your finances are. They may be like that for a while. You cannot afford to be there for very long.

This is neither a time to celebrate, nor to commiserate. It is a time to be courageous. “I CAN DO THIS!” needs to be the tee shirt you invisibly wear everyday beneath your clothes like Superman and Wonder Woman do. You can be a superhero, too, in your own way.

Finally, our brush stroke will be broad, but our focus will be narrow. What I mean is that we will be as relevant to the hourly paid worker as to the wealthy or to those who formerly fit into those categories and to all those in between. The fixed focus will be survival of the fittest and our strong desire to contribute to your fitness. We will find other specialists -- lawyers, accountants, financial planners, etc. who can help as well.

We hope you will return as our goal is an update each business day. We hope you will let us know how you feel about what we are doing and offer your own ideas as well. We hope you will tell family, friends and co-workers who might benefit from this support as well as about our support groups, if you are local. Wherever you may live, we hope you will encourage your counselor, therapist or life coach to follow suit. We hold no patent on supporting people during tough times. Together we can make a difference. We Really Can!

Bye For Now,

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  1. Good idea ... pro-active and positive

  2. Love the site...thank you Dr. Penzer!

  3. Wow,
    I'am speechless.


  4. Very altruistic, God bless you and all involved in this support site. I am one whom this site has helped.

    Thank you.

  5. I've read just a few blog entries at this point and feel there is invaluable information contained within. It is definitely worth following on a daily basis- the support is fantastic.