Monday, March 30, 2009

We Get It Too

Before his first joint session of Congress, President Obama said,” I get it.” In those three words he was acknowledging his understanding of the seriousness of the problems we face as individuals, as businesses, as a nation and as a world.

As someone promoting a positive outlook, I never want to be accused of being indifferent to those who have been hit hard. We too “get it” and understand the scope of the problems. We know that some people have lost everything, are living in their cars or have gone from a lovely warm and spacious home to a cramped hotel room. We know that people who paid their rent diligently, were evicted because their landlords were foreclosed.

We know what it feels like to be unemployed. I nearly lost my mind when I was in “72 ( read “Getting Back Up From An Emotional Down” by William Penzer, Ph.D.) Surely, we are aware of people who have killed themselves or loved ones in a misguided effort to escape. We know some of these people. Just ask the family members whose loved one took their lives. No amount of money and no amount of hardship can justify that action. We, at this blog, are on the front lines every day. I assure that we get it. That is precisely why this blog was born.

We fully realize that for some our words don’t work all that well. It is darn hard to focus on the positive when one’s life is falling apart. All the more reason to as positive beliefs can serve as a life raft amid a turbulent sea.

Hold on tight to whatever keeps you afloat. The sign in my office reads, Never, Never, Never Give Up!. I sincerely hope you never do.

Our voice is here to say don’t ever give up as life, even life under duress and difficulty, is precious. Our words scream out for survival strategies, patience and hopefulness. We are trying our best to emotionally support a sagging population due to a sagging economy across the world.
Please know that we hate to see people hurting in anyway. Our careers have been devoted to shielding and limiting people’s pain via words. Know as well that words can be inflammatory or salving. Ours are directed toward the latter. We may encourage a picnic now and then but know that for many families life is no picnic.

Words do work and are quite powerful. Words programmed us and can again in new directions. If words didn’t work I would have found a different occupation. All research shows that optimism contributes significantly to positive outcomes. Self-fulfilling prophecies are just that.

Chose an uplifting prophesy and allow it to fulfill itself and you and your family as well. Even if you are as low as you have ever been, realize that up is the only place you can go. Hold on, hang on until you can get beyond this moment. I am optimistic that you can.

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